Our baseline assumption is that speakers will bring Windows Powerpoint 
presentations. We urge speakers to stay away from Star Office. 

To minimize wasted time during the sessions, we will collect 
presentations onto one or two computers prior to each session, using 
memory sticks, CDs, etc.

If you are bringing anything other than Windows Powerpoint, if it 
will not be possible for the organizers to obtain your presentation 
on a CD or memory stick at the meeting (e.g., PCs running Windows 98 
or earlier do not recognize memory sticks), or if you have any 
questions about oral presentations, please direct your inquiries to 
Dennis Crabtree (dennis.crabtree@nrc.ca)


The maximum poster size is 3 feet x 3 feet. Tacks and tape will be 
provided for attaching posters to the boards. There will be a single 
poster session running for the duration of the conference.