April 29, 2004

Dear participants in Gemini Science 2004,

Here are some additional important notices about the Vancouver meeting. 
The first three of these are new; the others were circulated on April 8,
but bear repeating.

1. SCHEDULE: The schedule of the meeting has now been posted on the
   conference web pages; please take a look at it. We believe that the
   schedule accommodates the requests of those participants who notified 
   us that they are not attending the entire conference.  If there still 
   is a conflict, or if you have other comments or suggestions, please 
   email Scott Fisher and Tom Geballe (sfisher@gemini.edu, 
   tgeballe@gemini.edu)  as soon as possible.

   Note that the Science sessions are on Sunday-Tuesday and the Users
   Session is on Wednesday, with the conference ending at 2:15pm on
   Wednesday afternoon.  

   If you are not attending the conference, please let us know asap, as there
   now is a waiting list.
2. LUNCH ON MAY 26: The midday meal on Wednesday, May 26 will be a bagged
   lunch (sandwiches). Please notify Brenda Parrish
   (Brenda.Parrish@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca) if you have specific allergies (i.e., to
   bread, cheese, meat, peanuts, etc.). (The plated lunches on the other
   days are quite wide in scope and everyone should be able to find  
   suitable items.

3. REVISED ABSTRACTS: Revised abstracts should be sent to 
   tgeballe@gemini.edu by the end of Monday, May 3, Hawaii time. In
   printing the program for the meeting, we will use the title and abstract
   that you submitted when you registered, unless you send us new
   information by the above time.

4. ORAL PRESENTATION FORMATS: Our baseline assumption is that speakers
   will bring Windows Powerpoint presentations. We urge speakers to stay
   away from Star Office. To minimize wasted time during the sessions. we
   will collect presentations onto one or two computers prior to each
   session, using memory sticks, CDs, etc, prior to each session.

   If you are bringing anything other than Windows Powerpoint, or if you
   have any questions about oral presentations, please direct your
   inquiries to Dennis Crabtree (dennis.crabtree@nrc.ca)

5. POSTERS: The maximum poster size is 3 feet x 3 feet.  At this time it
   appears that there will be a single poster session running for the
   duration of the conference.

6. CONFERENCE BANQUET: If you have not indicated whether or not you will
   attend the Monday night banquet, please email
   Brenda.Parrish@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca as soon as possible. See the web pages
   for information about the restaurant. Remember that those attending
   will need to pay Brenda in cash (Canadian $75) upon arrival at the

Best wishes, on behalf of the SOC and LOC,

- Tom Geballe