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2014A Classical Schedule

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Semester 2014A

The table below summarises the classically-scheduled programs that have been awarded time on Gemini North and South, as well as programs from the Gemini community awarded Exchange time on Keck and Subaru. Jump directly to the schedule for:

Each Gemini program has been assigned a Contact Scientist (CS) who is the point of contact between the Observatory and the Principal Investigator. Instructions for visiting observers are available.

The columns in the table are:
Date: Scheduled observing night(s), local time, for the Gemini telescopes, or number of nights and preliminary dates for Keck and Subaru.
Allocated programs: Gemini reference number, Principal Investigator and Partner.
Instrument: name of the instrument(s).
Title: the title of the program.

Classical programs scheduled for Gemini North.

Schedule : Gemini North 2014A
Date (Local Time) Allocated Program Instrument Title
Feb 20-23, 2014
GN-2014A-C-1 Tilvi US GMOS-N Completing the Galaxy Census from z=0 to z~7 in the CANDELS/COSMOS Field
May 9-11, 2014
GN-2014A-C-3 Rigby US GNIRS The z~2 mass-metallicity relation from lensed galaxies
June 2-5, 2014
GN-2014A-C-2 Melin US GNIRS Energy flows in the auroral region of Saturn

Classical programs scheduled for Gemini South.

Schedule : Gemini South 2014A
Date (Local Time) Allocated Program Instrument Title
Feb 23-24, 2014
GS-2014A-C-1 Metchev CA GMOS-S Unraveling the Cloud Structure in the Brightest Brown Dwarfs
Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2014
GS-2014A-C-2 Cantalupo US GMOS-S

Deep Lyman-alpha Imaging of Luminous z~2 Quasars: Testing the Cold Accretion Paradigm 

Mar 12-15, 2014
GS-2014A-C-3 Da Costa AU GSAOI

Austalian GSAOI Guaranteed Time 2014A



No programs have been scheduled for Keck in 14A.



Classical programs scheduled for Subaru. See the Subaru 14A Schedule to confirm dates.

Schedule : Subaru 2014A
Award, nights Allocated Program Instrument Title
2.0 (June 24,25 2014)
GN-2014A-C-201 Spencer US HSC Finding KBO flyby targets for New Horizons
1.0 (July 14 2014)
GN-2014A-C-202 Bakos US HDS Confirmation of transiting Neptunes from HATNet and HATSouth using Keck/HIRES and Subaru/HDS
1.0 (May 22, 2014)
GN-2014A-C-203 Patel US COMICS Confirmation of Debris Disks from WISE Using High Resolution Mid-IR Imaging
1.0 (July 28, 2014)
GN-2014A-C-204 Ammons US Suprime-Cam, B,V,R,i,z Studying the Most Powerful Gravitational Lens Tele- scopes with Subaru/Suprime-Cam

Gemini Observatory Participants