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2010B Classical Schedule

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Semester 2010B

The table below summarises the classically-scheduled programs that have been awarded time on Gemini North and South, as well as programs from the Gemini community awarded Exchange time on Keck and Subaru. Jump directly to the schedule for:

Each Gemini program has been assigned a Contact Scientist (CS) who is the point of contact between the Observatory and the Principal Investigator. Instructions for visiting observers are available.

The columns in the table are:
Date: Scheduled observing night(s), local time, for the Gemini telescopes, or number of nights and preliminary dates for Keck and Subaru.
Allocated programs: Gemini reference number, Principal Investigator and Partner.
Instrument: name of the instrument(s).
Title: the title of the program.

Classical programs scheduled for Gemini North.

Schedule : Gemini North 2010B
Date Allocated Program Instrument Title
August 17 2010
GN-2010B-C-7 Soto US GMOS-N
Integral Field Spectroscopy of Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxies
October 26 (UT 9-14) 2010
GN-2010B-C-4 Hashimoto Subaru NIFS
Revealing the AGN Feedback in a Nearby Radio Galaxy NGC 1275
October 29 - 30 2010
GN-2010B-C-6 Merline US NIRI
High-Resolution AO Imaging of Asteroids/Satellites
November 12 2010
GN-2010B-C-2 Bloom Keck NIRI
GRB Diversity in a Cosmological Context
December 6 (UT 10-16) + 27 (UT 8-14) 2010
GN-2010B-C-5 Lopez-Morales US GNIRS
Search for Methane Fluorescence in the Transiting Exoplanet XO-2b
December 9 - 11 2010
GN-2010B-C-9 Willott UK(1)/CA(2) GMOS-N
The Most Luminous z=6 Galaxies
December 12 - 13 2010
GN-2010B-C-10 Zakamska US GMOS-N
Is There Feedback from Radio-Quiet Quasars?
January 23-25 2011 first halves
GN-2010B-Q-28 Salyk US Michelle
Water vapor in planet-forming regions: A new ground-based window on disk chemistry
January 26-27 2011 first halves
GN-2010B-C-1 Blake Keck Michelle
N-Band Spectroscopy of Water in Protoplanetary disks
January 26-27 2011 second halves
GN-2010B-C-3 GuhaNiyogi US Michelle
Testing Dust Condensation Hypotheses ... of O-Rich AGB Stars
January 28 2011
GN-2010B-C-8 Telesco US Michelle
Resolving an Asteroid Belt in a Multi-Planet System

Classical programs scheduled for Gemini South.

Schedule : Gemini South 2010B
Date Allocated Program Instrument Title
August 2 - 3 2010 half nights
GS-2010B-C-7 Sakon Subaru T-ReCS
Chemical Evolution of Carbonaceous Dust Formed around Novae
August 24 - 25 2010
GS-2010B-C-5 Merline US(1)/GS(1) NICI
High-Resolution AO Imaging of Asteroids/Satellites
August 31 2010
GS-2010B-C-4 Imanishi Subaru T-ReCS
Distinguishing the Compact Energy Sources of ULIRGs
November 21 2010
GS-2010B-C-9 Shimonishi Subaru T-ReCS
Dust and Ices around Extragalactic Young Stellar Objects
November 23 2010
GS-2010B-C-8 Schleider US Phoenix
Low-Mass Members in Nearby Young Moving Groups Revealed
November 25 - 26 2010
GS-2010B-C-1 Abia US Phoenix
The First Determination of Fluorine Abundances in Extragalactic AGC Carbon Stars
December 6 - 10 2010
GS-2010B-C-2 Barrientos US(3)/CL(2) GMOS-S Mass Calibration and Gas Physics of a Complete Sample of ACT SZE-Selected Galaxy Clusters
December 21 - 22 2010 half nights
GS-2010B-C-3 Brittain US Phoenix
Observation of Ro-Vibrational OH Emission in Transitional Disks
January 4 - 5 2011
GS-2010B-C-6 Norman US(1.6)/AR(0.4) GMOS-S X-Ray Selected AGN in a Merging Cluster Environment

Classical programs scheduled for Keck. See the Keck 10B Schedule to confirm dates.

Schedule : Keck 2010B
Award, nights Allocated Program Instrument Title
1.0 (September 1 2010)
GN-2010B-C-201 Ellison CA HIRES Nuclear Synthesis in High-Redshift Galaxies
1.0 (October 26 2010)
GN-2010B-C-202 Martell US HIRES Globular Cluster Contributions to the Galactic Halo

Classical programs scheduled for Subaru. See the Subaru 10B Schedule to confirm dates.

Schedule : Subaru 2010B
Award, nights Allocated Program Instrument Title
2 (October 20 - 21 2nd halves, December 6 2010)
GN-2010B-C-203 Bunker UK MOIRCS Exploring Reionization at 7 < z < 10: Star Formation at the Dark Ages' End
1 (January 4 2011)
GN-2010B-C-204 Romanowsky US Suprime-Cam Resolved Tracers of Substructure in Galaxy Halos
2 (November 6 - 7 2010)
GN-2010B-C-205 Smith UK Suprime-Cam LoCuSS: A Joint Lensing/Sunyaev Zeldovich Effect Study

Gemini Observatory Participants