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Special Instructions 2002B

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Special Instructions for Completion of Phase II/OT Science Programs: Semester 2002B

This page provides instructions for completing Phase II Science Programs  for the 2002B Gemini North (NIRI, GMOS) and Gemini South (Phoenix, T-ReCS, Acquisition Camera) queues using the Observing Tool (OT) software. (Phase II for Flamingos is handled separately, outside the OT). 

Distribution of Phase II Skeletons

Gemini staff will translate approved Phase I proposals into the Phase II format. In this process, the observations and other details entered in Phase I are used to construct a ("skeleton") framework of your Science Program. PIs will be sent their the Phase II skeleton by e-mail. 

What to do Next

Read the introduction to the Observing Tool, download and install the software (a new OT release is available 10 July for 2002B). Next, import your Phase II XML skeleton and define the observation details using the OT tutorial as an initial guide. There is extensive help regarding OT features on the web pages. 

If during detailed definition you find that the approved observations need to be modified, please follow the change request process.

User Support

As for all queries, staff at the National Gemini Offices are the first point of contact. To help us in the process of tracking user problems, questions and suggestions, and thereby improving the software and web pages, please continue to use the Gemini HelpDesk. This allows us to ensure that no queries are missed and help us improve the software and documentation. 

A streamlined interface is available, keyed to your Gemini Program ID (e.g. GN-2002B-Q-12). As with the regular HelpDesk interface, your query will be directed to your NGO and, if they are unable to resolve the questions, it will be redirected to Gemini Observatory staff and your Contact Scientist.

Deadlines and Mechanism for Return of Completed Science Programs

To return your completed Science Program, use the "export XML" file option and send by e-mail to your Contact Scientist. 

The scheduled deadlines for return of your completed Science Programs are at 5:59pm HST on:

  • 22 July for GMOS programs only.
  • 2 September for NIRI, Phoenix, Acquisition Camera and any GMOS programs not submitted by the earlier deadline.
  • (A subsequent deadline will be called for T-ReCS when the instrument schedule is known)

Note that only the observation descriptions received by these dates can be verified and made available for execution in the queue. 

GMOS will have multiple deadlines during the semester for the spectroscopy parts of MOS programs. The PIs of MOS programs will be notified of these deadlines when their pre-imaging observations have been obtained. All PIs with MOS programs need to submit the completed descriptions of their pre-imaging observations by the regular deadlines (July 22 or September 2).

Verification and Confirmation of Observation Readiness

After receipt of your Science Program(s), your Contact Scientist will verify that all observation details have been completed correctly. You can help us and speed this process by checking the program yourself (see the OT/Phase II checklist and instrument-specific checklists on the OT instrument component pages). After verification, your Contact Scientist will confirm that the observations are in the queue (or need correction or further definition of details).

Last update June 29, 2002; Phil Puxley

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