SR TThu Jan 27 03:48:27 x86_64darwin7.1R ***************************************************************** NOTICE: IDL Save/Restore files embody unpublished proprietary information about the IDL program. Reverse engineering of this file is therefore forbidden under the terms of the IDL End User License Agreement (IDL EULA). All IDL users are required to read and agree to the terms of the IDL EULA at the time that they install IDL. Software that reads or writes files in the IDL Save/Restore format must have a license from ITT Visual Information Solutions explicitly granting the right to do so. In this case, the license will be included with the software for your inspection. Please report software that does not have such a license to ITT Visual Information Solutions ( ***************************************************************** KX$@SiL 93(/%.9\?t:*223MHf'9Զl2i㮊0U)٣.g2ۮ|*);@}#0Dԭ*y)J4 M.c?A!'ZG KY$Ad!?q\9eԵ (0+z:]~:`}>2+VJT'U!9H~^ 2k?q)ӑpʎ2ZR* &\ٕ/w)\` .⚓ X-'PdTBso